Gold Standard Bank business network is a complex network of companies, working together to accomplish certain strategic and operational objectives. We invite you to discover below our full network of products and services.

Dive Into The Future

The most advanced blockchain technology is the core of our digital gold vision, so we created the fastest way to transfer your gold around the world - Universal Gold Merchant*. If you want to save the gold on your own wallet, our crypto card allows you to do it.
We challenged the hi-tech and brought the future into your hands!

* This service is being provided solely through GSB Gold Standard Pay KB, Sweden.

Digital Crypto Card

The most safest way to secure your digital assets. Finest designed, use our new digital crypto to pay the merchants directly with cryptocurrency.

Gold Point Of Sale [POS]

If you are a Gold Bullion Dealer this is the best way to increase your sales. Start accepting digital utility token using our POS. Our community will trade their digital gold to pick-up it in physical. You can directly exchange the tokens and transfer fiat into your bank account.

Our Full Network

Below you can see a full list of our network

GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG

Our group operates within a turnkey ecosystem, starting from the ground to the end-use. We built the successful IT and Blockchain infrastructure of which our sub-companies and partners around the globe can benefit of.

International Blockchain Business Platform

International Blockchain Business Platform is the place where you can save gold in small units.


GSB Gold Standard
Pay KB

Home of the famous Universal Gold Merchant Account and our Trust Accounts to store gold, FIAT currency and crypto currencies and enable a daily exchange 24/7 whenever needed and desired. Regulated and supervised with highest AML and KYC standards to enhance the performance of everyday banking operations.


Gold Standard
(Digital) Bank

One of the most innovative private banks. Offshore based with services far beyond conventional banking. Asset Management, Wealth and Portfolio Management in a licensed banking environment. Generate a passive income. All info about GSB’s newest project will be released shortly.


Gold Escrow

This outstanding service ensures that large payments are processed in a timely manner, and according to pre-agreed terms and under highest confidentiality – safely and secured. Please request for all infos directly with GSB Gold Standard Pay KB, Sweden. For institutional Escrow services, kindly consult your private banker or dedicated Premier Relationship Manager at Gold Standard (Digital) Bank.