Investor Relations

Money secured by gold is better than money secured by nothing.

Our colleagues at GSB Gold Standard Pay KB in Sweden and the friendly staff at GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd will assist you to achieve that goal: To secure money by backing all assets with precious and real gold, either digitally stored or even physically delivered through GSBs vast network.



The GOLD STANDARD BANKING WORLD ecosystem aims to build a stable ecosystem in which the market of FIAT currencies, financial products and other assets together with the new market of digital currencies are combined in a new financial system.

The GSB Group’s powerhouse, GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG in Hamburg, is providing the technical infrastructure and blockchain technology. The financial high-end products are then exclusively available at our regulated entities in Sweden or through GSB’s Digital Bank offshore. Made in Germany means quality, and the success of financial Fintech products are based on technical infrastructure solutions par excellence to enable smooth transactions, safe storage and an comfortable handling of all matters afterwards. GSB Hamburg with his expertise, innovation and manpower of IT experts is the guarantor for your successful later relationship with our Management and Trust companies.


Our mission is to create and develop a global infrastructure that will become a bridge between conventional and Blockchain based asset financial systems. This will make Gold Standard Banking the center of the future economy built on blockchain technologies.



Gold Standard Banking is based on a clear vision of the new economy and blockchain-based financial operations that will be much fairer than the existing ones. A full-fledged functioning of the global financial ecosystem based on Gold Standard Banking will be the core of the infrastructure being created. This ecosystem will become the basis for the creation of a new financial world based on blockchain technologies where any intermediaries will be completely excluded. Gold Standard Banking will become the basis of an efficient and beneficial environment for introducing a new economy.



The key point of Gold Standard Banking is the consistent incorporation of real money which, unlike the fiat ones, will hold real value and will be backed in gold. Thus making economic relations more productive like the old values like gold and blockchain based technology products. Any Blockchain based asset, as well as fiat money, is underlain by the trust of those who use it. This trust is based on the ability to efficiently use the Blockchain based asset and on understanding that it is supported by efficient structures. High volatility of the existing cryptocurrencies and the loan debt burden on fiat money make the existing financial system extremely unstable.



Gold Standard Banking supports and develops the Blockchain based gold assets, and will allow shoring up the economy. That's why Gold Standard Banking positions itself as a company engaged in world trade based on using physical gold as a method of payment, including in the form of gold units.

It's a way to combine money with real gold of real value.

Gold has always had

emotional, cultural and financial value. Its key advantage is that it is an investment metal and as such it has been globally accepted in more than 194 countries for centuries, thus establishing itself as a form of currency.


GSB Hamburg’s blockchain environment is exclusively available and accessible for all clients and customers who sign up for desired services with GSB Gold Standard Pay KB and GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd.

Challenges And Opportunities Of The Global Gold Standard. By the end of 2020, the recovery of the financial system will have become an urgent and vital issue.

The most efficient solution in short order to solve the problem of depreciation of the fiat currency and the collapse of the global monetary system is the introduction of the Global Gold Standard.

Gold is the New Financial Phoenix, which will facilitate a revival of the global economy.

Meanwhile, the digital world today is a leader in both technological and economic progress and advances ahead of a collapsing traditional economy.

Physical gold is difficult to use for investment purposes and in settlement systems . The Digital Global Gold Standard will bridge a gap between people and gold as a real asset.