GSB Marketing Pack

We have for you an amazing pack that can help you to promote our products on your social media pages, blog and many more.

GSB Marketing Pack Includes:

Social Images

Marketing images optimized for Facebook & Instagram)

Desktop Wallpapers

Backgrounds that you can use for your desktop PC or MAC

Social Cover Images

Marketing covers for social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

GSB Logo

(Our logo in different formats(png/vector))


The font that we are using for our brand identity

Things you can do with the GSB Marketing Pack

Promote brands owned and developed by GSB

Distribute the information on social networks

Use the materials to advertise into your network

Promote the blockchain services and products

Use the graphics in videos to promote the project

Things you can NOT do with the GSB Marketing Pack

Promote products that are NOT related to GSB Blockchain

Modify the identity of the GSB Marketing Pack

Use the materials in inadequate places

Use the material in the same graphics with other brands

Associate the image of GSB with other companies