Gold Standard Corporation Platforms

GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG is the leading software, IT and Blockchain Powerhouse in Germany. GSB is delivering sophisticated, priceless software trading modules, platforms and signal / data streaming to the financial industry to enhance their services towards their very own clientele. Fully white labeled and customizable.



Gold Standard Corporation AG (GSB) was founded in Germany in 2011 and was specialized in trading of minerals and precious metals worldwide. During the new era of Blockchain technology, GSB transformed itself in 2014 into a powerful software innovation center, enabling external and in precious metals and gold operating financial services providers to engage in this new technology and exploit the benefits to their fullest. Since GSB has expertise and know-how, not just in IT and Blockchain developments, but also in metals, their extraction and processing chains until it reaches the end customer, the GSB software solutions are more than just an account management or gold trading environment, they create transparency and can be used equally by clients (through GSB financial partners), refineries, gold bullion dealers and their shops and merchants engaging in gold and precious metal trading businesses.



From the starting process of exploration and exploitation to the ending process of manufacturing and retail – the GSB Software gives transparency unlike any other Software or Blockchain based solution. GSB’s goal was to create an ecosystem that connects all possible market participants within one platform, regardless if it’s a small investor or gold trader (needs to be a client of a financial institution with proper licenses from regulators and also a valid GSB Software License), a refinery or a gold bullion dealer or a Forex / CFD trading brokerage institution or a regulated Asset Manager. Both, the digital storage of gold and the physical delivery - everything can be controlled and managed using GSB software.



GSB is the Powerhouse for the development of gold and precious metal trading software components. The implementation of Blockchain technology additionally enhances transparency, flexibility and speeds up transactions. GSB is a software and IT specialist for Asset Managers, Fintech startups, Brokerage companies, Banks, Trust Management companies. Retail clients can gain access to GSB’s outstanding and unique platform solutions through connected financial services providers. Highest and most secure comfort for everyone to monitor, control and manage gold and precious metals related transactions in a unique environment. This is GSB. More than 40 software engineers, developers, freelancers, marketing experts and digital nomads are working for you and our partners almost 24/7 to make our software more safe and secure, comfortable and user-friendly.


GSB wants to give everyone access to the world of gold and precious metals. We believe the success of any financial transaction stands and falls with the functionality and reliability of its IT software solution, the data delivered and the user comfort.

  • Small Ticket Sizes

  • Zero Storage Hassles

  • Highest Possible Liquidity

  • Absolute Trading Convenience

  • Best Software Support

  • Reliable Realtime Data

  • Easily Accessible and Usable

  • An Alternative to CFDs / FX

  • Software Grows With Your Needs

  • Dedicated Software Program Manager


Individual commitment to a group effort: That is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Mr. Josip Heit

Chairman of the Board